The Horses & Mules

Let’s introduce you to our ‘crew’!

Our equines are well trained and totally at ease around people. They are our ‘family’.

They are adapted to Hydra’s terrain and are perfect for mountain treks as well as beach rides. They are suitable for both experienced and novice riders as they have good manners and a stable gait. As your safety is our first concern, Argyris is always alert and accompanies all riders. Our equines are not shod as they are used to the terrain, having spent their entire lives on Hydra. They are licensed and insured and receive an annual medical checkup as well as any needed veterinary care during the year.

  • Arhondas: His name means “lord” (master). A real Lord. Strong, with good manners.

  • Dollar: Calm and nice to ride. The perfect match with Arhondas.

  • Chilly: She is the lady of the team. Calm, with a beautiful trot.

  • Vasilias: His name means King. Kind and friendly. Good friends with Chilly and very kind.

  • Snow: Kind, friendly and good with children. Best buddies with King.



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