About Us

Argyris Kalamatianakis has been working with equines on Hydra since the age of eight, having learned the trade from his father, Christos. Together they delivered supplies by mule to the island home of celebrated singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. Argyris has been riding up into the mountains since he was a child and knows all the paths, routes, and stories.He has cared for horses, mules, and donkeys for more than thirty years, developing expertise in how to manage with these animals safely and humanely, no matter their size or kind. His horses and mules are well trained and calm and very comfortable around people.

Argryris’ Hydra Island Horse Treks offers rides around town and to the neighboring villages, as well as to the island’s monasteries, out to its more remote beaches and villages, and up into the mountains. The views are phenomenal.

We also transport loads of all sizes, including luggage, electrical appliances, furniture, and so forth. We have assisted film crews in the past and guarantee professional service. Wedding carriage service is available too.

Our “crew” consists of 4 horses and 3 mules. However, with advance reservations, we can offer horse treks to larger groups. We welcome cooperation with tourist offices and logistics companies. Invoices are provided.


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